This is how most Ortho’s promote themselves on social

Is it effective? Yes, it’s effective and you should keep doing it. However, what if you could also get your customers to post about their ortho experience on social? Book a demo to see how we’ve automated this process 👇

A post from a patient is like an instant referral 🔥

Have your patients do the promoting for you 💪

Your patients’ have friends and family who might be in need of your services and a simple post from them could spark a conversation which could then turn into a new patient 🔥


92% of people trust a friend’s recommendation above any other form of advertising

Neilson Ratings

Your Customer Social Makeup 


Female Customer Social Makeup


is the average # of followers females have on social media


Up to 60% of their followers live near them


73% of females are willing to share their experience on social media when asked


Male Customer Social Makeup


is the average # of followers males have on social media


Up to 75% of their followers live near them


58% of males are willing to share their experience on social media when asked

Top 3 reasons why Ortho’s have a hard time getting customers to post about their experience on social

Too Much On Their Plate

Most staff members have too much going on to ask the customers to post on social. 

Not A Sales Person

The majority of your staff are not comfortable asking customers to post on social. 

Don’t Know How

Most of the time it just comes down to not knowing the best way to ask customers to share.

How Sway tackles those problems☝️

Management Free

Staff members love how little effort is needed. Sway takes on the management 💪 

Zero “Selling” Required

This is one of the biggest reasons why staff members ❤️ Sway! Customers are the ones who initiate the conversation. 

Leave It To The Experts

Sway has dialed in the process of getting customers to share their experience in an easy, non-threatening, automated way 🔥


We’ve always known that having our customers post is best, but implementing that has never worked until Sway. 

– Platinum Dental

How Sway Makes Customer Sharing Easy 😎

They Need To See It!

They can’t participate if they don’t know about it. Sway gets it in front of your customers digitally and by print


Has to be easy!

Programs die if it’s not uber easy. Sway makes it ultra-easy for customers to know about the program and to participate 🔥 



What’s a customer social post about your practice worth to you? Incentivizing is key to making this happen. Oh, did we mention we manage this for you 🔥 


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