Your Customers Promoting Your Business On Social AUTOMATED

You’re missing out on customer referral business if you are not using SWAY

How Sway Works

Customers sharing on social in just a few click

Sway Does The Asking For You

SWAY makes it easy for a business to ask their customers to share their experience on social.

  • Text Messaging
  • NFC
  • QR Codes
  • Email


Make Sharing Easy

In just a few clicks your customers know what you’re looking for in a post.

    Authentic Customer-Generated Content

    Your customers promoting your business to their friends and family in a natural non-salesy way.


    Your Customers Best Posts On Your Website

    Sway automatically sends your best customer social posts to your Sway Carousel and Wall of Love housed on your website


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    A Few Success Stories

    Your customers are your greatest advocates.

    Zero customer posts to 500 in five months 

    Over 81,000 locals saw a social media post from a friend or family member promoting Moxie as a trustworthy pest control company.

    “We’ve seen a huge uptick in referral businesses since implementing Sway”

    – Moxie Franchise Owner

    15,000+ Roxberry customer social posts!

    Over 700,000 locals have seen a friend or family member post about how much they love Roxberry.

    “We absolutely ❤️ seeing all the posts from our customers!!”

    – Roxberry Franchisor

    Sway is also good at…

    Looking to grow your social following? Spend money on social ads? Need an easy way to gather customer information? Sway does all that and more.

    #1 Grand Opening Platform

    Sway gets your customers telling all their friends & family members that you’re open.

    Grow Your Social Following

    Build campaigns that require your customers to follow you on social.

    Make It Easy With QR Codes

    Business cards, flyers, door hangers, packaging inserts, & more.

    Know Who Your Customers Are

    Sway helps you gather the right customer information.

    Why your business should try sway

    Sway is the ONLY platform that automates customer social sharing. Schedule a 15 min demo to see how.

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